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Prior Scientific, Inc.

Prior Scientific manufactures precision electro-mechanical and optical components and systems. With a variety of micro- and nano-positioning products, we can customize solutions to meet your exact needs.  We make high-speed Piezo stages, linear motor stages, laser autofocus systems, filter cube changers, motorized nosepieces, micromanipulators and custom microscope stands.  We specialize in OEM components and assemblies and design/prototype at reasonable costs with a long-term partnership goal!

Prior Scientific is the leading manufacturer of high precision motorized microscope stages, nanopositioning Piezo Z stages, automated slide loading systems, laser autofocus systems, fluorescence illumination systems, fiber optic inspection equipment, motorized filter wheels, microscopes, custom optical systems and a wide array of microscopy accessories for a variety of applications. Prior Scientific's dedication to customer service has positioned Prior as a trusted supplier for the industrial, scientific, educational and OEM markets. Prior Scientific excels in the creation of OEM prototypes, custom-built products, and complete system solutions according to individual customer requirements for any optical, focusing or positioning application. 

Prior Scientific, Inc.
80 Reservoir Park Drive
United States
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