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Graticules Optics Limited

Graticules Optics is unique in offering photolithographic products on glass, film and in metal foil, including coatings, cementing, mounting and small optical assembly.

We are all about Micropatterns - With a pedigree going back over 70 years, Graticules Optics is a proven world-class designer and manufacturer of precision micropattern products. Specialised in providing standard and custom solutions, we work closely with our customers to achieve an optimum conclusion.

We export globally to a diverse range of industries including light microscopy, electron microscopy, metrology, defence, aerospace and instrumentation.

Product Range:

  • Calibration: Stage Micrometers, Long Scales and Calibration Grids. High resolution standard and custom products used for calibrating microscopes, imaging systems, coordinate measuring equipment and metrology instruments. Available with calibration certificates traceable to international standards.
  • Apertures: High precision electroformed foil pinholes and slits, chrome on glass apertures, custom spectrometer entrance slits, pinholes for endoscopy, custom single and multiple apertures, option of mounting in standard or custom mounts.
  • Reticles: Standard and custom Eyepiece Reticles, Targets. For applications ranging from Microscopy to Military. Metallic coated or etch and fill images with options of cover glassing, lens cementing and mounting if required.
  • Electron Microscopy Grids: TEM specimen support grids. Standard range of square mesh, hexagonal, holes, slots, finders, index grids and specialist patterns in numerous materials. Custom and FIB grids made to individual requirements.
  • Resolution Charts: USAF, Test Targets, Gratings. To test optical characteristics such as resolution contrast, distortion, modulation transfer function (MTF) of lenses, cameras and optical systems.
  • Counting Chambers: Sedgewick Rafter, Howard Cell and other specialist chambers for biological applications.

 Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • Graticules Optics offer flexible tailored OEM solutions to deliver bespoke micropattern designs. Precision images are available on glass, ceramic and film or in metal foils to suit the exact application needs.
  • Photolithography: Process to transfer very high definition positive or negative images from a master onto a substrate.
  • Deposition Coating: Coating capabilities for deposition of chrome, gold, silver, copper, aluminium, etc.
  • Etching: Capabilities to manufacture precision glass etched components.
  • Electro-Forming & Etching: Facilities to manufacture precision metal foil products (high definition edge and shape, double plating, various materials such as copper, nickel, gold, aluminium, etc.).
  • Photomask Creation: Wide range of photomasking and artwork processes available to suit all application needs.
  • Glass Grinding & Cutting: Glass workshop services to very tight tolerances.
  • Optical Assembly & Cementing: Optical Manufacturing facilities providing services such as mounting of apertures into housings, cementing of lens doublets and alignment of reticles into optical assemblies, etc.
  • AR Coatings: From single layer to multi-layer coatings ranging from the visible to the infra-red

Graticules Optics Limited
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