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Imra America Inc.

IMRA America sets the standard for performance and reliability in the ultrafast field. IMRA’s compact, robust femtosecond fiber lasers are ideal for use in scientific and industrial applications such as through glass via drilling, sapphire processing, waveguide writing, thin film ablation, surface texturing, processing of transparent materials, biomedical imaging, multiphoton microscopy, and terahertz generation.  IMRAs femtosecond lasers are also useful for tattoo removal as well as eye surgery.

IMRA America’s femtosecond fiber lasers set the standard for quality and reliability. After pioneering the first commercial fiber-based femtosecond laser, the company created a family of femtosecond laser products, including the compact Femtolite Ultra series, the higher-power Femtolite FX-100, and the high pulse energy, high repetition rate FCPA µJewel series. An Applications Research Laboratory (ARL) in Fremont, California allows potential customers to try out IMRA's lasers.

IMRA Product Information

Femtolite Ultra Er-doped modelocked fiber lasers Femtolite Ultra AX-20 • Wavelength: 780nm • Pulse Duration: Femtolite F-Series Raman-shifted Er-doped Fiber Lasers Femtolite FX-100: • Wavelength: 805nm • Pulse Duration - 100mW • Repetition Rate: 75MHz • Typical Pulse Energy – 1.6nJ • Dimensions – 24.1 x 19.3 x 7.6 mm3 FCPA µJewel Amplified Yb-doped Fiber Lasers • Wavelength: 1043nm • Average Power: 400mW • Pulse Energy: up to 2µJ • Pulse Duration:

Imra America Inc.
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