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The most versatile sCMOS camera portfolio on the market – pco.edge family & pco.panda

As one of the three inventors and developers of the scientific CMOS (sCMOS) sensor, PCO is pioneering a new generation of high-performance cameras that are used in countless applications. Before introducing sCMOS to the market, scientific applications had to compromise between CMOS sensors for high frame rates or CCD sensors for high image quality. Now, thanks to new developments in sCMOS sensor design, users get the highest resolution, dynamic range, quantum efficiency and frame rates with the lowest readout noise. PCO’s sCMOS camera systems provide these desirable characteristics combined with special microscopy readout modes in a lightweight and compact camera body. Our sCMOS cameras are available with a variety of interface options; the Camera Link HS interface is the latest and fastest addition which enables ultra-fast data transmission up to 1.1 GByte/s.

sCMOS Cameras
High-speed cameras – pco.dimax family

PCO's high-speed cameras offer resolutions up to 4 MPixel at maximum frame rates, best light sensitivity and real 12-bit dynamic range. Based on these improvements PCO established a new level of image and color quality within the field of high-speed imaging. All models come with a variety of trigger options and can be easily synchronized.

Luminescence decay time microscopy camera – pco.flim

The pco.flim camera system is the first luminescence decay time microscopy camera using a two-tap CMOS image sensor. Synchronized pixel modulation and excitation light enables the analysis of decay times in the range of 100ps to 100µs. A broad variety of trigger options allows the camera's integration in versatile fields of applications like fluorescence lifetime imaging.

Intensified cameras

As a true successor of the very first PCO product, high-resolution MCP image intensifier camera systems are an important segment of our camera portfolio. With ultra-fast-shutter times down to 3ns and the ability to detect even single photons, this camera type is still the only answer to several challenging imaging requirements.

Intensified cameras
Specialized cameras

We have created a large selection of different scientific and industrial CCD cameras with interline transfer CCD image-sensor technology. The camera systems have dynamics in the 12 to 14-bit range and are designed with thermo-electrical cooling for extra-long exposure time performance, NIR and UV light detection or other specified fields of application.

Specialized cameras
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