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BBT - Materials Processing

BBT-Materials Processing Ltd. is a small private technological institution dedicated to development and supply of high performance IR polarization optics and Acousto-Optical components for a wide range of applications.

The company is a worldwide leader in crystal growth and processing of high purity Calomel crystals for MWIR and LWIR optics. The unique properties of this optical material make it a great candidate for manufacturing of different types of IR polarization components such as polarizers, beam splitters, optical isolators, and custom components for mid IR spectroscopy others.

Besides IR optics, BBT is also active in the field of Acousto-Optical devices and hyperspectral imaging systems. Thanks to Calomel’s exceptionally high figure of merit M2, the material is suitable for building special AO units, targeting particularly the LWIR region, where no other competitive material is available.

Thanks to the long-term (since 1969) participation of the BBT team in several different R&D space activities, BBT represents a skilled and experienced partner in primary and applied research in space and microgravity conditions using the unique Calomel optical material.

 Infrared/thermal imaging
 IR optics
 Windows and prisms
BBT - Materials Processing
U Továrny 138/1
Zdiby - Přemyšlení
Czech Republic
Tel: +420284890447
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