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LaseOptics Corp.

LaseOptics Corp; is a manufacturer of High Quality Lensed Fibers, Specialized Fiber Lensed Cables, Custom Lensed Fibers with long working distance, custom fiber cables and so many other varieties. All our products are made in USA. We are only the leaders in manufacturing special lensed fibers, Polarization Maintaining and Multimode Fiber as well.

The High Quality "Lensed Fibers" Tapered fibers consist of, but are not limited to the following styles: Wedge Angles, Conical, Semi-Conical, and Ball Lens etc. These fibers are useful for highly specialized telecommunications/medical applications involving fiber coupling, which is useful for coupling light into and out of devices such as: Laser Diodes (Ex: Pump Modules, wave guide and/or Butterfly Packages), Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers, Arrayed Wave guides, VCSELs, Telecommunication Applications.

LaseOptics has been a global leader in the R&D and production and distribution of Lensed Fibers, Tapered fibers and Lensed fiber pigtails for over 15 years. Supplying different lensed/tapered and angled fibers (such as Single mode, Multi Mode, Polarization Maintaining fibers, patch cable, sapphire optical fiber) to some of the leading companies within scientific, defense, medical, biomedical, opto-electronics industries around the globe.

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