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In Tandem Designs Pty Ltd

In Tandem Designs is the manufacturer of the Phos-4 is a Temperature Clamped, Fibre Coupled, Precision LED Light Source.

The Phos-4 has a range of user interchangeable LED modules providing wavelengths from 280nm to 740nm. In addition to this, the Phos-4 can independently control up to 4 individual dies in a single LED assembly.  This allows you to combine LED wavelengths to preform functions such as differential fluorescence measurement or to provide balanced white light sources.

A precision reference controls the linear current drive capable of <1µs switching at 800mA. The LED current can be programmed in 0.4mA steps from 0 to 800mA (LED permitting) and in continuous,  PWM or sequencer modes.

The Phos-4 has multiple control interfaces:-

  • USB and UART interfaces with simple text based commands;
  • TTL signals can be used either to control the LEDs
  • Alternatively, the Phos-4 can generate TTL outputs to synchronise external equipment to the internal PWM or sequencer signals;
  • An analogue voltage may be applied to modulate the LED current, bypassing the precision reference.

An internal X-Y-Z stage can be used to focus the light to a range of optical fibres connectors such as SMA or liquid light guides. Filters can be added to the optical path to remove unwanted wavelengths, such as substrate fluorescence.

In short the Phos-4 is a highly flexible, precision LED light source intended for optical measurements such as fluorescence and transmission, as a precision light source for production and test, and as a uniquely controllable light source for general illumination

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