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Maiman Electronics LLC

Maiman Electronics LLC specializes in development and manufacturing Laser Diode Drivers.
Our main product line:
SF6XXX - powerful OEM CW compact Laser Diode Driver;
SF8XXX - ultra-compact OEM driver for butterfly Laser Diode.
MBLXXXX - benchtop laser power supply for laboratory applications.
SF6XXX and SF8XXX ultra-compact and highly reliable solutions that can be easily integrated into the customers laser system. This makes Maiman Electronics LLC an important partner for companies across various industries – for example, material processing, medical equipment, laser measurement equipment applications and etc.
Benchtop solution MBLXXXX perfect fits scientific research and laser diode burn-In/life time tests. Benchtop MBLXXXX has modifications with TEC controllers and laser diode mounts.
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Maiman Electronics LLC
st. Sedova, 37, lit.
Russian Federation
Tel: +7 812 906-14-46
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