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LIGENTEC is an expert in offering photonic integrated circuits (PICs) with unprecedented silicon nitride thickness up to 2500nm maintaining very low propagation loss. Silicon nitride PICs offer the advantage to integrate and miniaturize bulk optics as well as fiber optics components onto a planar chip of the size of a fingertip. With our proprietary technology we are able to bring an optical circuit designed by our customer to a PIC that can be four times smaller than standard thin film silicon nitride PICs.

Our thick nitride is transparent from the visible to mid-IR and does not suffer from two-photon absorption being operated at 1550nm. Due to its good confinement thick nitride waveguides and resonators have low bending losses and excel in high and low power applications even in the mid-IR.

The main application areas using thick silicon nitride PICs include coherent telecommunication, filters, supercontinuum generation, spectroscopy, sensing, quantum optics and microwave photonics.

With its silicon nitride chips LIGENTEC enables products based on integrated photonics for fabless companies and research institutions to be able to work with silicon nitride.

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