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Hindsight Imaging, Inc.

Hindsight Imaging, Inc. designs, builds and sells next-generation hyperspectral imaging and volumetric imaging instruments. Using the patented High-Throughput Virtual SlitTM, a unique, proprietary technology, Hindsight offers pushbroom spectral imaging engines with the highest combination of spectral resolution and light-gathering power in their size class. Our products include compact handheld reflectance and Raman spectral imagers. These instruments are complete portable solutions for applications such as threat, hazmat and narcotics detection and dermatological scanning. We also offer OEM spectral engines suitable for UAV deployment in precision agriculture, surveillance and environmental monitoring.

Compared to conventional spectral imagers, Hindsight’s instruments offer:
⦁ Higher spectral and spatial resolution at the same size, or
⦁ Comparable resolution in a smaller package

These advantages enable disruptive innovation in a variety of applications where hyperspectral imaging has traditionally been too difficult, too complicated or too expensive.

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Hindsight Imaging, Inc.
1 Harvard St.
Suite 302
United States
Tel: 617-297-9150
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