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Accu-Glass Products, Inc.

Accu-Glass Products, Inc. offers the industry's largest selection of hermetically sealed, high and ultrahigh vacuum, fiber optic feedthroughs. These are offered in arrays of one, two, four and seven fiber configurations—each fitted with an SMA 905 premium connector—sealed and welded into standard CF and ISO KF vacuum flange mounts—for demanding HV and UHV service. Complete fiber optic connectivity solutions including cables, connectors, couplers, adapters, reflection probes, collimators, cuvettes, sample holders, bare and jacketed fibers, polishing supplies, tools and much more are also available.

In addition to fiber optic feedthroughs, our product line also includes hermetically sealed 9, 15, 25 and 50-pin instrumentation, thermocouple, coaxial and high current electrical subminiature-D feedthroughs; Circular 19-pin Mil-C 26482 and 3-pin Mil-C-5015 interfaces; Coaxial BNC, MHV, SHV, SMA connection types; In-Vacuum wiring; Linear and rotary manual or motorized mechanical motion instruments. For more information on these and other Accu-Glass vacuum solutions please visit our website or contact us directly.

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Accu-Glass Products, Inc.
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