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First Light Imaging

First Light Imaging, stemming from the sharpest French laboratories in astronomical imaging, produces state of the art scientific cameras that combine extreme sensitivity and high speed for both visible and infrared spectra.

- OCAM²K & OCAM²S, EMCCD visible cameras, photon counting subelectron RON with 2000 FPS full frame, 

- C-BLUE One: GLOBAL SHUTTER CMOS visible camera in 0.5MP (812x620 px, 1594FPS FF), 1.7MP (1604x1100 px, 662 FPS FF) and 7.1MP (3216x2208 px, 207FPS FF) with <2.35e- RON.

- C-RED One, e-APD MCT Infrared Camera in SWIR, 3500 FPS FF, subelectron RON

- C-RED 2, InGaAs cooled Camera with 600 FPS FF, <30 e- RON for all scientific and industrial applications

- C-RED 2 ER, Extended InGaAs Camera up to 1.9µm or 2.2µm, 600 FPS FF, <50 e- RON for scientific, industrial, hyperspectral applications.

- C-RED 2 Lite, stabilized InGaAs Camera , 600 FPS FF, 30 e- RON for scientific and industrial applications

- C-RED 3, uncooled InGaAs Camera , 600 FPS FF, <40 e- RON for industrial applications

First Light Imaging is working with world leading institutes and manufacturers. Their cameras already equip the biggest telescopes in the world such as the SUBARU Telescope or GranTeCan. They are also used in Life sciences, Industry, and Surveillance. 

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First Light Imaging
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