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Valtech Corporation

Valtech Corporation has manufactured specialty chemicals for a variety of high-technology markets worldwide for over 30 years. Our VALTRON® brand of formulated detergents, epoxy adhesives, specialty molded polymers, and dicing fluids have proven to be a fundamental component within these industries. 


VALTRON® aqueous detergents are formulated with high-purity raw materials for precision cleaning applications in high-tech industries such as the electronics, precision optical, ophthalmic, medical device and instrumentation, photovoltaic, computer hard disk drive (HDD) and LED manufacturing.

VALTRON® epoxy adhesive systems are available in various formulations designed to meet the specific needs and performance requirements in photovoltaic (solar) and semiconductor wafer production using both annular (ID) slicing and wire saw slicing processes. 

VALTRON® custom molded thermoset polymers include specialty molded products, dicing blocks, and ingot support beams used for mounting silicon ingots in preparation for inside diameter (ID) and wire saw wafering.

VALTRON® TriAct DF dicing fluid series are formulated with nonionic surfactants, disinfecting actives and other functional ingredients for application in the semiconductor wafer dicing process. 

VALTRON® UltraLux™ is a temporary bonding wax for lapping, polishing and grinding applications primarily in the semiconductor industry. These unique adhesive products are available in both solid and liquid form and provide ultra-low viscosity and high bonding strength.

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