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Global Strategies Group

Global Strategies Group (North America)Inc. GLOBAL) is a national security solutions provider with a significant technology pedigree. We support defense and security initiatives across the world by leveraging our deep domain and analytical expertise.

 Adaptive optics systems
 Beam delivery systems
 Beam profilers
 Beam shapers and expanders
 Chemical lasers
 Cleanroom equipment
 Coatings and thin films
 Disk lasers
 Fibre lasers
 Fourier optics and signal processing
 High-speed cameras
 Image processing
 Image processors
 Imaging systems
 Infrared sources
 Infrared/thermal imaging
 Integrating spheres
 IR optics
 Laser crystals
 Laser diodes
 Laser safety equipment
 Light-sensitive materials
 Low-light and single-photon counters
 Mathematical and analysis
 Mounts and positioning equipment
 Nonlinear optical materials
 Nonlinear optics
 Novel laser designs
 Optical amplifiers
 Optical choppers
 Optical design
 Optical design services
 Optical fabrication
 Optical frequency converters
 Optically-pumped lasers
 Optical sensors
 Optical spectrum analysers
 Optical testing equipment
 Optical waveguides, couplers
 Polishing and grinding
 Polymers and organics
 Quantum cascade lasers
 Semiconductor materials and substrates
 Solid-state lasers
 Structured photonic materials
 Superluminescent sources
 Ultrafast laser sources
 Ultraviolet sources
 Vacuum equipment
 Wavefront analysis
 Wavelength meters
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