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Manufacturer of Laser Diode Devices, from low power to high power diode lasers and also advanced-DPSSL. Monocrom offers totally customized products, from OEM solutions to laser units.

MONOCROM S.L. is a Spanish company located in Vilanova i la Geltru, 40 km south from Barcelona. It was established in 1993, with the support of a team of people with vast experience in electronics, mechanics and optics, deeply involved in laser technology. The facilities owned by Monocrom have an area of 1200 m2, with clean rooms of 400 m2, and several laboratories for R&D of: Design, Mechanic, chemistry, electronics and optics. Monocrom currently employs 29 staff. The quality of the products is ensured by a team of high qualified employees, 30 % of them physicists or engineers. Products Based on a high inventiveness and a strictly costumer orientated mentality, MONOCROM manufactures lasers in the field of science, medicine, aesthetics, metrology, Aero-spatial, material treatment, etc. Laser Diode modules (LDM) MONOCROM has been producing red and near infrared Laser Diode Modules since 1993. Output powers are in the range of 1mW to 3W and typical wavelengths from 405 to 1064 nm, making possible to cover a vast field of applications, such as medical, imaging, lighting or industrial. The standard housing types include collimated, focusable, modulable, fibre connectorized, water proof and thermo-electrically cooled versions. In addition, we design and manufacture special modules adapted to OEM customer needs, both in small and large volume series. Also available on request: A) Higher power > 5W, b) Specific wavelengths, AND OF COURSE C) Customised housing. High power diode lasers (LDBA) Solder-free diode bar mounting technology, exclusive from MONOCROM S.L. MONOCROM has developed a new concept of mounting high power diode laser bars. In the patented technology, the laser bars are clamped without soldering within two copper blocks which serve as electrode as well as at heat sink. The main advantages of the clamp - mounting technology are the following: Long lifetime, due to the absence of the mechanical stress caused by the soldering process at high temperature

  • Minimum "smile", less than 0.5 mm
  • High reliability in pulsed conditions, since the clamped bars do no suffer the same fatigue effect than the soldered ones due to the thermal cycle
  • Small thermal resistances, owing to the reduction of the contact resistance between electrodes and laser bar. No micro channels are needed to reach low thermal resistances
  • Large storage temperature interval, tested from –60ºC to + 85ºC

Monocrom active mounting uses millimetre-water channels instead of microchannels. NORMAL WATER CAN BE USED FOR COOLING. No problems of obstruction or channel degradation exist Laser units and solid state lasers (LU and SSL) Based on the solder free clamping technique for high power diode laser bars, MONOCROM has developed a series of Laser units and Diode Pumped Solid State Laser modules for a wide range of applications as marking, material treatment, laser animation, ophthalmology, dermatology art restorations and others. Of special interest are the water cooled laser heads. As the clamping technology permits the use of mm water channels, the pump chambers are convenient for industrial applications. Available are free running lasers up to 100 W or Q-switch lasers up to 20 mJ –10ns pulse, infrared or green Lasers and multimode or single mode lasers. Moreover, Monocrom can provide laser units or equipments composed by laser modules, cooling units and driver electronics, with characteristics defined by customers Projects and R+D Actually MONOCROM participates in around 10 national and international research projects, either privates or funded by public institutions. The aim of the projects is to evaluate the applicability of new concepts in laser physics and to optimise current lasers in different fields of applications. One result of the projects is an innovative solder free mounted high power diode laser. Our R+D director is Mr. Miguel Galan, a well recognised Laser expert around the word.

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