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Acal BFi

Acal BFi an Acal plc Division is a European leader in advanced technology solutions of specialist products and services for the Photonics and Opto-electronics markets.

 Beam delivery systems
 Beam profilers
 Beam shapers and expanders
 Carbon dioxide
 CCD devices
 CMOS devices
 Coatings and thin films
 Diffractive optics
 Dye lasers
 Fibre lasers
 Frame grabbers
 Gas lasers
 High-speed cameras
 Imaging systems
 Infrared/thermal imaging
 Integrating spheres
 IR optics
 Laser crystals
 Laser diodes
 Laser safety equipment
 Machine vision
 Mounts and positioning equipment
 Nonlinear optical materials
 Nonlinear optics
 Optical choppers
 Optically-pumped lasers
 Optical sensors
 Optical spectrum analysers
 Power and energy meters
 Quantum cascade lasers
 Radiometers and photometers
 Solid-state lasers
 Tunable lasers
 Ultrafast laser sources
 UV optics
 Wavefront analysis
 Wavelength meters
 Windows and prisms
Acal BFi
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