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Acal BFi UK Limited

Acal BFi is a leader in advanced solutions for tomorrow’s technologies, providing engineering, design, manufacturing and tailored services and delivering a broad range of specialist products and solutions across Europe, with a focus on a consultative, design-led approach that aims to develop, designs and custom solutions that meet a project’s specific requirements in collaboration with customers and their expert field engineers and Technology Centre capabilities.

Established for over 50 years, they partner with leading and innovative manufacturers to offer a comprehensive range of specialised products and solutions, covering a broad spectrum of the latest technologies. spanning interconnect, sensors, communications, photonics, imaging, magnetic components, power supplies, test & measurement, embedded computing​ and more.

In addition to these technologies, they complement these with invaluable engineering expertise as well as in-house capabilities in design, manufacturing, and supply chain proficiency to expedite, expand, and enhance the longevity of your creations.

Underpinned with a consultative, design-oriented approach. For more complex undertakings, their cutting-edge technology centres are at your disposal to create tailor-made solutions for even the most intricate projects.

 Beam profilers
 Beam shapers and expanders
 Carbon dioxide
 CCD devices
 CMOS devices
 Diffractive optics
 Disk lasers
 Fiber (non telecoms)
 Fiber (telecoms)
 Fibre lasers
 Frame grabbers
 Heatsinks and cooling equipment
 Image processors
 Imaging systems
 Infrared sources
 Infrared/thermal imaging
 Integrating spheres
 IR optics
 Laser crystals
 Laser diodes
 Laser safety equipment
 Mounts and positioning equipment
 Nonlinear optics
 Optical choppers
 Optical design services
 Optical sensors
 Optical spectrum analysers
 Optical testing equipment
 Optical waveguides, couplers
 Other cameras
 Power and energy meters
 Power Supplies
 Radiometers and photometers
 Solid-state lasers
 Terahertz sources
 Tunable lasers
 Ultraviolet sources
 Wavefront analysis
 Wavelength meters
 Windows and prisms
Acal BFi UK Limited
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