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Meadowlark products help position customers worldwide to pioneer their own innovations

These include our advances in liquid crystals with one-of-a-kind polarization controllers and the Liquid Crystal Stokes Polarimeter. In other areas, we measure our waveplate product line to subnanometer precision. One-thousandth of a wave of retardance is our standard. To satisfy our customers' exacting needs, our work in precision metrology is so fine that, to ensure we could meet production standards, we developed an automated ellipsometer and other metrology equipment. Precision metrology is among our top achievements, and we are proud of being able to meet customer requirements for price as well as technology. Custom retooling of an existing Meadowlark product or creating the new products our customers need are other ways we serve manufacturing and science. Our current work in polarization, as our beginnings with the Pockels cells once were, is steeped in technological possibility that is yet to unfold, and this is why we are committed to our customers. Your advances are our success.

Polarization Components, Systems, and Expertise. Tunable Filters, Polarimeters, Spatial Light Modulators, and UV to IR Polarizers.

 Laser crystals
 Optical testing equipment
 Polishing and grinding
 Semiconductor materials and substrates
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