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Photon Engineering, LLC

Photon Engineering LLC is a consulting and software development firm based in Tucson, AZ specializing in all phases of optical engineering: design, analysis and implementation.

Founded in 1997 by Richard Pfisterer and Steve Johnston, Ph.D., the company has worked with hundreds of clients worldwide on all types of design projects and has developed FRED Optical Engineering Software to be the essential tool needed to take a project from creative concept to working prototype rapidly and confidently.

Whether customers are in need of advanced systems design analysis software, require engineering expertise through consulting, or continuing education with short courses and tutorials, Photon Engineering’s vision is to provide effective and affordable solutions without sacrificing quality.

FRED Optical Engineering Software
The FRED Optical Engineering Software is capable of simulating the propagation of light through any optomechanical system by raytracing.

Capability to propagate both incoherent and coherent light means that FRED can be used for a diverse range of applications that include stray light, laser applications, illumination and non-imaging optics, imaging systems, multi-wavelength systems, and thermal imaging.

FRED has extensive catalogs and libraries for materials, scatter models & optical components, allowing the user to confidently analyze opto-mechanical systems of arbitrary complexity. Designs can be constructed from within the software itself using the CAD-like interface, or imported from external CAD or lens design programs.

FRED provides engineers with the essential tool for virtual prototyping optical systems.

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Engineering Services
Since 1997 Photon Engineering has worked with hundreds of clients worldwide on projects including LCD projectors, head mounted displays, space satellite systems, laser systems, solar concentrators, tactical optics, astronomical optics, light guides and other illumination systems, medical optics devices, and automotive lighting.

With 100+ years of combined engineering experience, our consultants are experts in their fields, proficient in all major commercial design and analysis software and have worked in all phases of optical engineering. Our engineering services include:

• Optical design of imaging and non-imaging systems
• End-to-end optomechanical modeling and simulation
• Stray light analysis
• Scatter theory and modeling
• Debugging of optomechanical hardware
• Contamination control
• Thermal self-emission analysis
• Tolerancing, testing and prototype development

Photon Engineering’s tutorials and short courses are specifically designed to educate professionals in the techniques required to produce effective, efficient and accurate solutions for today’s modern optical engineering problems.

• Stray Light Analysis Short Course

FRED Tutorials
• FRED Optical Engineering Software Tutorial
• Physical Optics Modeling with FRED Tutorial

Company Presence
Currently Photon Engineering maintains a global presence in the optical engineering community with FRED users and representatives in more than 30 countries worldwide. Its employees continue to contribute to the advancement of our industry through research, publications, education and leadership roles in international professional societies.

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Photon Engineering, LLC
310 S. Williams Blvd, Suite 222
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