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Cobolt AB

Cobolt AB, Stockholm, Sweden, supplies diode-pumped solid-state lasers (DPSSLs) and diode laser modules in the visible and near-infrared, for stand-alone use or OEM integration. Cobolt lasers combine high power and wavelength flexibility with low noise and compact size.

Cobolt AB (Stockholm, Sweden) has, since year 2000, been committed to supplying high performance and innovative laser products that meet or exceed the market's expectations concerning quality, reliability and robustness. Through continuous technology development, customer orientation and an ISO certified quality management system, Cobolt has become a preferred supplier of lasers to major instrument manufacturers and leading research labs. Cobolt offers continuous wave (CW) diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) lasers in the visible, ultra-violet (UV) and near infrared (NIR) spectral ranges. The lasers are built on wavelength flexible and power-scalable technology platforms, which enable a wide spectral range coverage (355-1064 nm), and high output powers (10-3000 mW). All Cobolt’s lasers operate in single-longitudinal mode, at a fixed and precise wavelength and emit a TEM00 beam with very low intensity noise. The lasers are manufactured using the Cobolt´s proprietary HTCure™ Technology in a compact and hermetically sealed package, which provides a very high level of insensibility to varying environmental conditions and ensures exceptional reliability and lifetime. Available wavelengths are: 355nm (10mW), 457nm (25&50mW), 473nm (25&50mW), 491nm (25-150mW), 515nm (50-150mW), 532 nm (25-1000mW), 491+532nm (20+20mW & 50+50mW), 561nm (25-500mW), 594nm (25-100mW), 660nm (300mW) and 1064nm (500, 1000 and 2000mW). In addition to the company’s DPSS laser platforms, Cobolt has recently also introduced the MLD series; high performance laser diode modules with a spectral range between 405 and 640nm. The Cobolt MLD series completes the company’s offerings towards demanding analytical applications and add the feature of direct modulation capability. The Cobolt MLD series provides superior beam quality and modulation performance from a small and compact package, and comes with the standard Cobolt reliability and robustness performance as assured by the HTCure™ manufacturing technique. By supporting the development of innovative, cutting-edge applications in the areas of super-resolution microscopy, flow cytometry, Raman spectroscopy and metrology, the Cobolt lasers can contribute to advancing the understanding and defeating of severe diseases, to improvements in quality of life and a better environment.

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