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New Scientific CMOS Cameras with Back-Illuminated Technology 06 Sep 2017

New Scientific Back-Illuminated CMOS Cameras Boost Imaging and Spectroscopy Applications

Introducing the first PerfectLensTM aspheric achromat that is designed to be diffraction limited from the UV through the NIR. 01 Sep 2017

Employing the PerfectLensTM technology platform that produces the highest precision molded glass lenses in the world and the talent of Archer OpTx’s world class optical designers, Archer OpTx is offering the laser industry its most optimal optic yet.

High Power, High LIDT Laser Optics 13 Jul 2017

Understanding high power laser optics

Conoscope Lens for Viewing Angle Performance Measurement 31 May 2017

Evaluating Viewing Angle Performance of Displays Using Radiant’s New Conoscope Lens

Motion Device Design Considerations for Vacuum Applications 23 Mar 2017

What to Consider when Selecting a Vacuum Compatible Positioner

Evolution of a Frame Grabber company 28 Feb 2017

BitFlow has learned to adapt and create in the ever changing technology world. Over the past 24 years, while continuing to evolve, BitFlow has developed a reputation of great customer service and technical support. This article explores the paths BitFlow has taken to become the successful company they are today.

Large format NBPF – a uniformity challenge 06 Feb 2017

Iridian demonstrates breakthrough capability for large format, high uniformity narrow bandpass filter

New ultraviolet laser module for sensors 13 Dec 2016

SHARP Laboratories of Europe present the first compact laser for UVC wavelengths near 220nm

The pco.dimax cs series: an introduction of peerless flexibility in high-speed imaging 14 Sep 2016

Please see pco.dimax cs brochure for additional technical details and how the pco.dimax cs camera series can make a positive contribution to your work

Driving Parallel Axes with Lockstep Movement 07 Sep 2016

Digitally Synchronized Gantries for a Flexible and Powerful Solution

Spectroscopy of Sports Drinks 12 Aug 2016

Ocean Optics explores the composition of several sample sports beverages using modular spectroscopy.

Clearly Superior: Epoxies for Optical Applications 2 28 Jul 2016

White paper reviews important considerations when choosing an epoxy for optical applications.

Why using a BitFlow Frame Grabber in your Machine Vision Application is the best decision. 03 May 2016

It's not the easiest job to be a frame grabber company, but it can be. Individually, the frame grabber doesn't sell itself. It's a sub-component of a vision system like the cables or the lens. The main component that determines the sale of the machine vision system is the sensor. The customer asks themselves a few questions when developing a machine vision solution.

The unique broadband spectrum of the venteon power for Differential Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering (D-CARS). 11 Apr 2016

CARS microscopy is a well-known 3rd order nonlinear process which provides both chemical specificity and 3D spatial resolution without the need to label the living cells2

Resolution Requirements in Electronic Imaging 01 Mar 2016

Archer OpTx’s design and manufacturing teams work closely with customers that contact Archer OpTx when their applications demand better or more specialized performance than currently available optics. The target for Archer OpTx is to get you the optimum solution for your imaging requirement that is drop-in ready for your system. This technical note is intended to provide guidelines for determining the resolution requirements for electronic imaging systems. The emphasis will be on: a) the correct goals for each application, and b) taking the total system (imaging chain) into account.

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