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Hera spacecraft takes Asteroid Framing Cameras to Didymos asteroids 20 Mar

Imaging technology previously used on the Dawn mission remains the instrument of choice.

CEA LETI announces next-gen photo-acoustic sensors for gas detection 20 Mar

REDFINCH team achieves capabilities in MIR region, where many chemical, biological species have strong absorption.

Multi-wavelength additive manufacturing produces multi-material items 18 Mar

University of Wisconsin-Madison develops optical platform able to solidify different resins in one component.

MIT imaging system spots tiny tumors 12 Mar

Near-IR DOLPHIN platform could lead to earlier detection of cancers.

Laser scanning shows up hidden military tunnels on Alcatraz 08 Mar
Raman reveals the tumors most likely to resist radiotherapy 06 Mar
Metal-glass welding 'to transform manufacturing' – Heriot Watt 06 Mar
Mauna Kea miniprobe receives FDA approval 06 Mar
Enhanced HoloLens 2 boosts MR hologram experience 05 Mar
Raman spectroscopy spots microplastic pollution 05 Mar
Quantum optics chip picks UK Premium Bond winners 01 Mar
Xperi facial recognition technology comes to LG smartphone 27 Feb
Photoacoustics promises clearer view of human vasculature 26 Feb
Coherent launches ExactCut precision laser machine 20 Feb
Lockheed Martin-led group offers IR-enabled Falcon to counter missiles 20 Feb
Euro-project combines two 3D laser printing processes in one machine 20 Feb
Laser frequency comb ready for exoplanet hunt 20 Feb
CEA-Leti lens-free optics set to improve AR 12 Feb
Fraunhofer HHI selects Veeco’s sputter system 12 Feb
Rockley Photonics completes silicon photonics platform for sensing 22 Jan
Ra Medical’s losses mount as sales costs soar

Excimer laser maker hampered by product issues around scale-up and hiring challenges, but CEO hails “exciting opportunity”.

Jenoptik streamlines corporate structures

German units of the Division Light & Optics bundled; company also presents latest developments at this week's LASER China.

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