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Interrogate your FBG sensors! Ibsen I-MON Interrogators integrate light source and interrogation monitor

23 Mar 2006

The I-MON Interrogator is an extension to the existing I-MON Interrogation monitor, comprising additionally a broadband light source and control electronics with processing software.

The heart of the Interrogator is the Interrogation monitor, which builds on Ibsen Diffractor-based spectrometer technology, utilizing Ibsen's holographically produced fused silica transmission gratings. This design platform enables Ibsen's I-MON to offer kHz measurement frequency and compact size as well as low power consumption. Main features are:

  • Light source and interrogation monitor
  • Wavelength range: 1529 - 1561 nm
  • kHz full spectrum readout
  • Easy to use
  • Compact size
  • Ideal for measurement of strain, temperature, vibration etc
I-MON Product Manager Bjarke Rose explains: "Our I-MON Interrogation Monitor that was launched last year has been very well received by our customers, who emphasize the very fast measurement frequency combined with compact size and low power consumption. Integrating the I-MON with a tailored light source as well as control electronics eases system integration for our customers." Torben Jacobsen, President and CEO of Ibsen, adds: "It is important for us to deliver a flexible solution well suited to our customers specific needs. By means of the new I-MON Interrogator our customers have now two possibilities to build FBG sensor systems - either they can build their own interrogation unit around our I-MON Interrogation monitor, or they can use the new I-MON Interrogation Unit including light source. We will continue to work close with our customers to deliver the best interrogation solutions for their FBG sensor systems. Contact Ibsen to discuss how the I-MON Interrogator can offer benefits in your application - or meet us at OFS in Brugges next week! About Ibsen Ibsen Photonics is a leading supplier of holographic Phase masks and transmission diffraction gratings. Ibsen Photonics also offers a portfolio of Diffractor based OEM spectrometer modules based on more than 10 years' experience in transmission diffraction gratings. Ibsen Photonics welcomes partnerships with original equipment manufacturers based on the Ibsen Diffractor technology platform. Contact: Bjarke Rose, I-MON Product manager Ibsen Photonics Farum, Denmark Phone +45 4434 7000 Fax +45 4434 7001 E-mail: inquiry@ibsen.dk Web site: www.ibsenphotonics.com
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