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PING! Polarization Independent Gratings - 100% dielectric gratings for Telecom applications by Ibsen Photonics

23 Mar 2006

Fused silica transmission gratings for telecom applications.

Polarization independent (PING) telecom gratings from Ibsen are produced by holographic stepper technology in 100% dielectric materials. This leads to unbeatable thermal and environmental stability, with no polymers, epoxies, gelatins or metals in the optical path nor in the grating whatsoever. Advanced etching technology ensures highest diffraction efficiency and lowest PDL over a very broad bandwidth. Low angular sensitivity is an added bonus for module design and assembly. Benefits

  • High diffraction efficiency and low PDL
  • Environmentally and thermally stable
  • Low sensitivity to illumination angle
  • Convenient optical design by transmission principle
  • Combined dispersion and beam folding elements
  • Low straylight
  • ROADMs
  • Wavelength blockers
  • Wavelength Selective Switches
  • Dynamic gain Equalizers
  • Mux / Demux / OSA
Main features and Specifications
  • Production technology: Holographic stepper and RIE etching
  • Resolution: 966.2 lines/mm
  • Bandwidth: 1525 nm - 1575 nm
  • Diffraction efficiency (TE): > 90%
  • Diffraction efficiency (TM): > 90%
  • PDL: <0.25 dB
  • Materials: 100% dielectric materials - no polymers, epoxies, gelatins or metals
  • Class 10 cleanroom produced and packaged
Contact Ibsen to discuss how the PING gratings can offer benefits in your application - or meet us at ECOC in Glasgow September 26th-28th! About Ibsen Ibsen Photonics is a leading supplier of holographic Phase masks and transmission diffraction gratings. Ibsen Photonics also offers a portfolio of Diffractor based OEM spectrometer modules based on more than 10 years' experience in transmission diffraction gratings. Ibsen Photonics welcomes partnerships with original equipment manufacturers based on the Ibsen Diffractor technology platform. Contact: Kristian Buchwald, Gratings Product manager Ibsen Photonics Farum, Denmark Phone +45 4434 7000 Fax +45 4434 7001 E-mail: inquiry@ibsen.dk www.ibsenphotonics.com www.ibsenphotonics.com/products/transmission-gratings/telecomgratings
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