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Bi-stable Linear Optical Shutter / LOS series

22 Mar 2019

Takano proudly announces the global launch of its BI-STABLE LINEAR OPTICAL SHUTTER / LOS series.

Takano Linear Optical Shutter LOS0708 utilizes a bi-stable miniature electromagnetic actuator, which generates linear motion to move the shutter blade.  This unique structure makes it perfect for applications where weight and space are at a premium.

1. Miniature Linear Shutter Actuator 【Compact, Low Profile, Light Weight】

Not only does its miniature electromagnetic actuator make the LOS0708 a remarkably compact and lightweight shutter, the linear movement of the shutter blade allows for a low-profile body design. These features make for an easily-integrated, space-saving solution.

2. Bi-stable Operation 【Energy Saving】

The LOS0708 is bi-stable and pulse driven. Energization is only required when closing or opening the shutter.

3.Mechanical Characteristic

The shutter can be simply mounted in the light path with 2 screws. We also offer custom options for mounting and frame.

Takano’s solenoid solutions are utilized in a wide range of optical devices and applications, such as night vision cameras, thermal imaging cameras, biomicroscopy instruments, ophthalmology equipment, laser systems (for blocking the light path), calibration of image sensors, and switching wavelength filters.

In addition to our extensive solenoid lineup, Takano is ready to apply our expertise to design and develop custom design solutions to meet your specific requirements for shape, size, angle, materials, etc.

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