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Introducing the new AvaSpec-ULS4096CL-EVO

09 Nov 2018

At Avantes, we noticed that, with the recent increase in use of diode lasers, VCSELs and material analyses using Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy, the demand for spectroscopic high resolution measurements seems to be higher than it has ever been before. To answer this demand, we are proud to introduce our latest product: the AvaSpec-ULS4096CL-EVO. With its 4096 pixels, this spectrometer is the ideal instrument to perform spectroscopic high resolution measurements, such as plasma measurements and LIBS, down to 0.04 nm in a 200 to 1100 nm range.

This brand new addition to the EVO series offers you the latest technology, as it uses updated CMOS technology instead of the conventional CCD technology. This means it’s completely up to date and ready for the next decade. In combination with our latest AS-7010 technology, it offers you a fast microprocessor and improved memory, with 50 times more storage capacity than comparable models, to help you store more spectra on board.

Besides the increase in speed and storage capacity, the AvaSpec-ULS4096CL-EVO offers you high speed communication options, including USB 3.0, with speeds that exceed the usual USB 2.0 by 10 times and Gigabit Ethernet communication, for integration in your company’s network and to realize long distance communication. All of these features were installed to significantly increase speed, storage and convenience at an affordable price.

The AvaSpec-ULS4096CL-EVO comes with AvaSoft-Basic software, a USB cable and an extensive manual. To further increase its convenience for various applications, options include a wide range of slit sizes, different gratings and fiber optic entrance connectors. A detector collection lens to enhance sensitivity in the 200 to 1100 nm range and an order sorting filter to reduce second order effects can be added as well. The AvaSpec-ULS4096CL-EVO is also available as OEM unit, bench-only or rackmount version.

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