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26 Apr 22
LASER 2022: Latest sources target e-mobility applications

Blue diode, adjustable-mode, and ultrafast lasers demonstrate promise for complex welding and cutting processes.

26 Apr 22
LASER 2022: Manage the quantum hype

Attendees at the inaugural World of Quantum event in Munich are told to manage expectations and help make the emerging technology more widely understood.

26 Apr 22
Light-driven microdrones steer complex paths

University of Würzburg devices could be used in transport, sensing or biotechnology.

25 Apr 22
Two-photon direct laser writing fabricates tiny heart model

Boston University creates structure to test disease treatments.

25 Apr 22
US Navy performs ‘historic’ test of new laser weapon system…

…while BlueHalo delivers LOCUST laser defense system to Palletized Hi-Energy Laser project.

25 Apr 22
LuminWave closes $20M venture round

Chinese developer of silicon photonics for FMCW lidar touts 'ultimate solution' for autonomous vehicles.

21 Apr 22
MIT develops novel fabrication method for mirrors and wafers

NASA-funded photolithography technique could be ‘game-changer’ for optical applications, they say.

21 Apr 22
NIST researchers fabricate ‘record-setting’ lenses based on prehistoric eyes

Tiny metalenses that can focus on both near and far objects are based on compound eyes of trilobites.

20 Apr 22
ASML looks to further expand capacity as customers place high-NA orders

Lithography giant reports sustained high demand, including for its next generation of extreme ultraviolet tools.

20 Apr 22
Metalens array creates planar wide-angle camera

Nanjing University device could be incorporated into smartphones and imaging devices.

20 Apr 22
NREL in research effort to assess radiation-tolerance of perovskites

Solar power in space: guidelines to relevant experiments published in Joule journal.

20 Apr 22
AIM Photonics widens immunity testing for Covid-19 variants

$5.3 million U.S. project to create flexible chip-based readers for global markets.

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