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19 Jul 23
ESO announces first light on HiRISE scope for studying exoplanets...

...and NASA’s GEDI space laser solves longstanding rainforest canopy mystery.

12 Jul 23
Extremely Large Telescope now half completed, after nine years’ work

ESO update says remaining half of Chile-based project expected to take just five more years.

11 Jul 23
AIM Photonics presents PIC developments at U.S. defense manufacturing expo

Pentagon event showcases innovative technologies developed to protect U.S. and boost economy.

11 Jul 23
Floating photovoltaics set to assist Southeast Asia's clean energy future

NREL report surveys how FPV can bolster regional energy supply.

05 Jul 23
Twente photonics experiment resolves longstanding quantum paradox

Theoretical solution to quantum-thermodynamics dichotomy reinforced with optical chip demonstration.

04 Jul 23
Leibniz Institute identifies smoke from Canadian wildfires over Germany

Advances in lidar allow better analysis of aerosols and improved climate monitoring.

29 Jun 23
LASER 2023: Infleqtion wins funding to develop optical atomic clock

UK division of global quantum technologies company makes announcement at World of Quantum.

28 Jun 23
LASER 2023: Lasers in manufacturing boosting industrial processes...

...and WLT Award presented for laser process improving lithium battery performance.

26 Jun 23
Jenoptik opens new medical tech plant in Berlin

More than 100 employees will develop and manufacture medical-photonics systems.

21 Jun 23
Artemis II laser communication platform prepares for lunar voyage

Mission will test systems and optical comms links alongside manned Orion launch.

21 Jun 23
Coherent to debut 65W industrial pump laser diode in Munich

Photonics giant says record-breaking output is 30% higher than similar product released earlier this year.

14 Jun 23
LASER 2023 announces details of World of Photonics Congress

Program includes five scientific conferences and more than 3,600 presentations including Nobel laureate Donna Strickland.

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