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25 Nov 20
Austria-US team develops QCL-based mid-infrared laser to detect specific molecules

TU Vienna and Harvard's technology does not require large setup and can easily be miniaturized.

25 Nov 20
Multipass spectroscopy promises improved detection of cancer markers in breath

University of Warsaw project points towards clinical platforms for early cancer diagnosis.

25 Nov 20
LLNL's 3D-printed glass approach enhances optical design flexibility

Multi-material 3D printing creates tailored gradient RI optics that promise better military eyewear and VR goggles.

17 Nov 20
Brillouin spectroscopy offers route to probing cell dynamics

University of Exeter measures properties of biopolymers as models of biological tissues.

11 Nov 20
Ultra-thin photodetectors offer route to smart glass materials

Penn State integrates photodetectors with Gorilla Glass for use in sensing and infrastructure.

10 Nov 20
UK, Canada launch bilateral quantum drive

Partnership backs eight new projects looking to commercialize quantum technologies, as industry giants BT, BP, and BAE Systems join the UK's quantum sensors hub.

09 Nov 20
Trumpf and Sick developing 'first' industrial quantum sensor

Successful functional test of quantum optical sensor; market for quantum sensors considered to be €1.1 billion by 2023.

05 Nov 20
FLOWER power optical sensor: another tool in Covid-19 battle

University of Arizona’s “whispering” development involved in hunt for compounds to cut virus binding to receptor in the lungs.

04 Nov 20
MIT and Waterloo announce high-power, portable QCL

Device generates terahertz radiation outside of a laboratory and at much higher temperatures.

04 Nov 20
MAX-FRESH project sorts fresh fruit and rotting vegetables

Multi-species gas sensor will help maximize yields of produce and profits.

03 Nov 20
Wearable solar concentrators offer power generation from textiles

Swiss project improves light absorption of flexible luminescent materials.

28 Oct 20
Frequency combs yield high-resolution spectra in almost complete darkness

Max-Planck Institute develops photon-level broadband spectroscopy and interferometry.

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