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Optometrics is an ISO 9001:2015 and ITAR certified supplier of optical components and sub-assemblies dedicated to wavelength selection and light management solutions for defense, security, research, academia and OEM customers globally. Through its principal processes of mechanical ruling, holographic recording, photolithography, optical thin film coatings, and opto-mechanical assembly, the company has become known as a world-class manufacturer of optical instruments including diffraction gratings, filters, wire grid polarizers, monochromators, and beamsplitters.
Between its extensive catalog of more than 400 masters, nearly 60 years of engineering knowhow and design expertise, a reputation for prioritizing an optimized solution over a sale, and capacity to manufacture and assemble hundreds of thousands components annually, Optometrics has become the go-to company for OEMs with tough technical challenges to overcome.
Optometrics is committed to delivering spectrally-precise products that meets its customer’s most demanding application requirements. It maintains a full complement of advanced metrology tools that includes an atomic force microscope, an automated CARY 7000 spectrophotometer, Frontier Optica FTIR Spectrometer, ZYGO Interferometer, and several additional precision quantification systems for quality monitoring and process investigation.

Core Wavelength Selection Capabilities

Diffraction gratingsFilters
Diffraction gratings: From more than 400 masters or a custom-optimized designs, our in-house capabilities include original and replicated holographic and ruled gratings for reflection and transmission, as well as echelle and filtered. Dispersion and efficiency is optimized for standard and high power tunable lasers, UV|VIS|NIR and IR spectrometers, and monochromators. Filters: We offer an extensive selection of standard and custom-designed interference filters that includes bandpass, short- and long-pass, neutral density, color correction including DichroFilm™, and Optivex™ UV blocking). With central wavelengths that range from 340nm-1650nm and are sized from millimeters to meters, you can choose the size and shape that meets your requirements.
Wire grid polarizersBeamsplitters
Wire grid polarizers: We manufacture ruled wire grid polarizers on CaF2 and ZnSe substrates covering a wavelength range from 2.5 to 20 microns. Holographic wire grid polarizers on CaF2, BaF2, Ge, KRS-5, and ZnSe, covering wavelengths ranging from 2.5 to 30 microns. An anti-reflective (AR) coating can enhance the transmission of Ge and ZnSe substrates in holographic wire grid polarizers. Beamsplitters: We offer a variety of standard and custom beamplitters (plate, polka-dot, dichoic, and transmission gratings) to serve a broad range of spectroscopy and commercial applications. An anti-reflective (AR) coating can be applied to plate beamsplitters to increase its efficiency and prevent reflections.

Get in Touch

Optometrics offers a wide assortment of off-the-shelf optical components online.
However, a majority of our products are manufactured to spec. Submit your custom requirements or contact Optometrics directly at:
521 Great Road, Suite 1
Littleton, MA 01460
Email: sales@optometrics.com
Phone: +1-978-772-1700
Fax: +1-978-772-0017
Monochromators: Our Mini-Chrom monochromators are a family of compact, in-line Fastie Ebert monochromators with throughput, resolution, stray light and power handling comparable to larger, more expensive monochromators. Suitable for general spectroscopy as well as OEM system integration, choose the model with the operating range (190nm-2200nm), wavelength selection, and wavelength readout to suit your application. A selection of accessories from interchangeable slit sets, light sources, motor controllers, and more are also available. With more than 30,000 sold, the Mini-Chrom line distinguishes itself as a category leader.
ISO CertifiedITAR
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