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EMF is an ISO 9001:2015 and ITAR certified provider of precision optical coatings solutions. Founded in 1936 as the first company in the United States to offer evaporated metal thin film coatings, EMF has since been a pioneer in the optical coating industry serving applications including automotive components, display systems, instrumentation, satellite communications, protective face shields, power cell components, glass and lighting.

EMF’s 26 coating chambers offer 40 million square inches of coating capacity, enabling high volume production as well as large format optics up to 2.7 m (108”) in diameter. Coatings can be applied to substrates including glass, metals, ceramics, plastics, and IR optics such as germanium, zinc sulfide, zinc selenide, and chalcogenides.

Combined with their technical expertise, EMF’s commitment to continuous improvement and superior customer service makes it a premier supplier of custom and difficult-to-manufacture optical coatings:

– Custom-designed DLC chamber to maximize coating quality and durability with virtually zero pinholes

– Same chamber prototyping for seamless shift to production

– Full in-house metrology and military standard environmental testing capabilities

Core Coatings Capabilities

DLC CoatingsHot and Cold Mirrors
DLC and HEAR for Infrared Optics: Our DLC coating is the preferred choice for IR optics that have to withstand harsh environmental conditions. It adheres to virtually all lR substrates – germanium, silicon, zinc selenide, and chalcogenides. Our proprietary "coat up" PE-CVD process virtually eliminates typical coating defects - pinholes, stress, uniformity and adhesion.Cold Mirrors and Hot Mirrors: Our standard line of cold and hot mirrors are specialized dielectric mirrors that separate infrared light from visible and ultraviolet light to protect the spectral characteristics beyond the mirror. Standard options for both mirrors are produced on borosilicate glass and available with 0 and 45 angles of incidence. We can also accommodate alternate substrates, custom sizes, and very high temperature applications.
Metallic MirrorsOleophobic/Hydrophobic Coatings
Metallic Mirrors: We offer gold, silver, copper, aluminum, and rhodium coated mirrors and reflectors to suit your required spectral range of reflectivity. Applications range from flight simulators, automotive and aerospace head-up displays (HUDs), dental applications, and retail display technologies. All coatings meet Mil-M-13508 military specs, Protected and enhanced mirror coatings also available. Test samples available on request.Oleophobic/Hydrophobic: Our oleophobic / hydrophobic coating is a broadband anti-reflective coating that resists oils, fingerprints, and water from bond to the surface. Developed specifically for the display market, this coating can also be used in conjunction with other coatings to protect and preserve spectral performance.
Plastic OpticsPlastic Optics
Plastic Optics: Plastic substrates add flexibility for optics designers as they can be molded with mounting features as part of the optic, reducing the need for complex mounting schemes. They can also reduce the cost and weight of optical elements. EMF specializes in coating plastic substrates, providing the following coatings on plastic substrates:
  • Reflective metal coatings, including protected and enhanced Gold, Aluminum, and Silver
  • Single and multilayer broadband anti-reflection coatings
Large Format Optics: With chambers that can handle large-scale optics up to 108” (2.75m) diameter and 5,000 lbs (2, 267 kg) and more than 80 years of optics experience, we are uniquely capable of handling large format optics and special substrate programs that require intensive engineering interaction and careful program management.

Get in Touch

We offer an assortment of off-the-shelf coated products online at https://www.dynasil.com/catalog/.
However, an overwhelming majority of our coating solutions are made to spec. Submit your custom requirements or contact EMF directly at:
239 Cherry Street
Ithaca, NY 14850
Email: websales@emf-corp.com
Phone: +1-800-456-7070
Fax: +1-800-456-3227
ISO CertifiedITAR
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