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Sutter Instrument

For over 40 years, Sutter Instrument has been a leading manufacturer of precision instruments for science and industry. Products include optical filter wheels and tunable filter changers, high-speed filter switchers, LED, xenon & plasma light sources, stepper-motor controlled SmartShutter®, the MOM® 2-photon Movable Objective Microscope®, and much more. You can depend on Sutter to design and deliver versatile, robust optical products at affordable prices.

Quality. Precision. Reliability. Since 1974, Sutter Instrument has set the highest possible standards of performance and innovation. We've combined extensive years of motor control experience and in-house precision CNC machined parts to create a line of robust and versatile products to serve the tremendous growth in electrophysiology, micromanipulation, imaging techniques and microinjection. Our latest innovation is a LED light source for transmitted illumination for microscopy. Imaging products include the Lambda VF-5, a tunable thin-film filter changer that can access from 338 to 800nm in nanometer increments, the SmartShutter®, a full-featured controllable shutter, and the Lambda 10-3 controller, capable of commanding up to three wheels and two shutters. Our expertise in electromechanical engineering and stepper-motor control is evident in the sub-micron resolution of our highly stable motorized and mechanical X-Y translators, stages and micromanipulators. Innovations in puller design include sophisticated velocity sensing circuitry to maximize reproducibility, making the laser-based P-2000 the premier NSOM fiber tip puller. In addition, the compact stand-along design of the Lambda XL plasma light source with built-in filter wheel and shutter driver provides a reliable and flexible solution to the industrial OEM and life science research customer. At Sutter Instrument, each instrument is manufactured on-site under strict quality control and undergoes a rigorous electronic and/or mechanical testing protocol. With a proven dedication to customer satisfaction and a wide range of technical expertise, we continue to offer superior products to our customers at economical prices.

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