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Measurement Techniques

The power of spectroscopy lies in its ability to probe materials and environments in a variety of different ways. Here’s what we’ve learned about those techniques, and what you need to know about applying them using Ocean Optics products.

From UV to the NIR, absorbance measurements provide valuable information about the chemical composition of materials in all states of matter.

Color Measurement
Spectral color measurement and analysis quantifies the colors our eyes see, allowing objective comparisons of samples and light sources.

The only spectroscopic technique capable of resolving single molecules, fluorescence has moved from the lab to applications limited only by imagination.

When exact spectral components and/or absolute intensity of light needs to be determined, irradiance measurements provide the answer.

Oxygen Sensing
Optical sensing allows sensitive measurement of oxygen concentration without consuming the sample, in environments from air and water to fuels.

pH Sensing
Even non-contact measurements are possible when measuring pH optically, a testament to the flexibility of this technique.

A rapid and versatile alternative to NIR analysis, Raman spectroscopy enables material identification and research in the lab and field.

Reflectance & Transmittance
When properly measured, spectral reflectance can yield much of the same information as the eye, but it does so more quantitatively and objectively.

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