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SAES Getters Group

A sixty-year history of R&D and manufacturing excellence, along with a worldwide sales and service network, uniquely position the SAES Getters Group in the high-grade optoelectronic crystal market. By leveraging the Group's core competence in…

… material science and thermal processes, SAES' Optoelectronic Materials Business Development Area has set up a dedicated R&D photonic laboratory and a state-of-the-art manufacturing line for the production of optical crystals. Integration of capabilities for crystal growth, wafer and rod fabrication, as well as for physical and chemical characterization is based on the multidisciplinary know-how available within the Group and on total process control skills derived from the photonic and silicon industries. The development of commercial and technological partnerships add up to these in-house competencies, with the ultimate goal to generate value for customers: they define quality and we grow and deliver tailored substrates and crystal materials enabling the best process integration and device performance. SAES optoelectronic team's commitment to technological excellence is backed by its 50-year combined experience in material, device and laser science and allows the Group to offer competitive advantage and strategic independence to customers as a reliable supplier of added-value photonic materials. SAES' advanced optical crystal product line currently includes lithium niobate, both in the stoichiometric and optical-grade congruent compositions, lithium tantalate, high-grade Nd:YAG and LiNbO3 crystals for Q-switching. The SAES Getters Group has recently extended its portfolio of advanced optical crystals to encompass optical-grade congruent lithium tantalate. The new crystal has been developed in response to the increasing interest that optical tantalate is generating in the optoelectronic, laser and display application fields specifically, which particularly exploit its wavelength conversion capability. SAES Getters' optical-grade congruent lithium tantalate is a high quality, stable and reliable substrate for advanced waveguide-based devices too, such as sensors and frequency converters. Adoption of the Proton Exchange technology, as well as periodic poling, allows highly performant complex optical structures on SAES congruent lithium tantalate substrates, which can be provided in boule and in 2' and 3' wafer configurations.

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