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Hamamatsu Photonics has served the automotive industry since 1978, when we introduced our first sun load sensors for HVAC systems. Over the years, we have continued to deliver top quality opto-semiconductors for use in safety systems, automatic climate control systems, data communications and many other advanced car features. Today, there are tens of millions of Hamamatsu parts operating reliably in the field. We are trusted by car manufacturers because of the high reliability and performance of our products. Each individual part goes through several 100% inspection steps before it ever reaches the customer.

Life science

Hamamatsu Photonics has more than 50 years of experience in the development of high performance cameras for imaging and image analysis.

We offer an extensive line-up of advanced scientific imaging technologies featuring superior performance and high sensitivity, suitable for a diverse range of microscopy applications.

Whole Slide Imaging

Hamamatsu has a decade of real world experience in delivering sophisticated whole slide imaging (WSI) solutions across the globe. Our NanoZoomer slide scanners are designed to meet your digital pathology requirements, from 1 slide to more than several 1000 slides a day, for storage, second opinions or automated analysis. Professionals from all fields of expertise - Pharmaceutical, Education, Research and Healthcare all over the world have already embraced the benefits of Hamamatsu WSI solutions.

We invite you to explore on these pages the features and benefits of our NanoZoomer product family, their use for various applications and new information concerning new developments, events and products.

Drug Discovery Solutions

During its 59 years in business, Hamamatsu Photonics has become the global leader in optoelectronic technologies. Our light sources and detectors are now integrated in a wide range of high quality instrumentation used daily in laboratories across the world.

Our drive for quality has led us to use our own sources and detectors in life science systems covering applications from near infrared spectroscopy, oxygenation monitoring and pathological slide scanning, to drug screening systems and many more. We invite you to discover our FDSS (Functional Drug Screening System) screening range and its applications for research, assay development and high throughput screening.

From the beginning, the FDSS systems have been developed to provide you with the best dispensing and imaging instruments to answer your needs. All of our systems include one or multiple injection heads, can be used with different plate formats and are available now. The modularity of our systems makes each one completely unique and their adaptability ensures they will evolve with your changing needs.

X-ray NDT

More and more factories and research labs, faced with ever stricter demands for quality and safety in all types of food and industrial products, are finding that non-contact, non-destructive X-ray inspection is extremely effective in upgrading quality and safety since it detects tiny product structural flaws and foreign object contamination - with no product damage whatsoever.

Hamamatsu Photonics has a full line of X-ray sources and devices for X-ray inspection of electronic components, industrial products as well as for a wide range of fields to meet needs in food processing and security.

LCOS - Spatial Light Modulators

Our range of optical modulators offer Pure Phase Modulation, High Efficiency and are easy to use. Discover the broad range of applications and the outstanding performance parameters which make the LCOS-SLM series a perfect choice for your experiment.

Besides our standard LCOS types (X10468, X13267 and the high resolution X13138) we offer customised solutions as well as special OEM versions (X11840, X13268 and the high resolution X13139). We do hope that you find some useful information for your research.


The MPPC (multi-pixel photon counter) is one of the devices called SiPM (silicon photomultiplier). It is a new type of photon-counting device using multiple APD (avalanche photodiode) pixels operating in Geiger mode. Although the MPPC is essentially an opto-semiconductor device, it has an excellent photon-counting capability and can be used in various applications for detecting extremely weak light at the photon counting level. The MPPC operates on a low voltage and features a high multiplication ratio (gain), high photon detection efficiency, fast response, excellent time resolution, and wide spectral response range, so it delivers the high-performance level needed for photon counting. The MPPC is also immune to magnetic fields, highly resistant to mechanical shocks, and will not suffer from “burn-in” by incident light saturation, which are advantages unique to solid-state devices. The MPPC therefore has a potential for replacing conventional detectors used in photon counting up to now. The MPPC is a high performance, easy-to-operate detector that is proving itself useful in a wide range of applications and fields including medical diagnosis, academic research, and measurements.

Optical Sensors

With over 1600 optical sensors to choose from, you’re sure to find the right device at Hamamatsu.

Our technical staff can help you sort through the many options we have available, any day of the work week. Plus, whenever you like, you can familiarize yourself with our technology by browsing the contents of this section. New info is continually added here for your reference.

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