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05 Mar 21
Lynred invests €2.8M to develop infrared detectors

Under strategic “Made in France” industry program backed by French Government.

04 Mar 21
Quidel gains Emergency Use Authorization for Covid-19 test

QuickVue At-Home test works using fluorescence and optics system; provides results in ten minutes.

04 Mar 21
Lumibird to acquire Saab’s €10 million laser rangefinder business...

...while Active Silicon is acquired by fellow UK company Solid State for £6.3 million.

04 Mar 21
Renishaw for sale after founders offer up majority stake

UK-based metrology company provides a variety of optical encoders, spectroscopy tools, and additive manufacturing equipment.

03 Mar 21
ams invests in new imaging center of excellence in Rochester, NY...

... and partners with ArcSoft on novel 3D sensing ToF technology for Android mobile devices.

03 Mar 21
SPIE and Photonics Media Prism Awards honor photonics innovation

The show must go on: annual prize-giving event for groundbreaking technologies and products takes place online.

03 Mar 21
Cascade laser backed for real-time nitrogen sensing in wastewater

$750k funding to develop infrared sensor for pollutants including nitrates and ammonia; similar detectors for E. coli may follow.

03 Mar 21
Zeiss BlueGuard offers improved blue light protection

Blocking potentially damaging wavelengths improves health and concentration.

02 Mar 21
Hamamatsu launches laser thermal processor for quenching

Processing system combines direct diode laser with a six-axis robotic arm, allowing high degree of freedom.

02 Mar 21
Velodyne founder claims ‘boardroom ambush’

David Hall says dismissal of both him and wife Marta from lead roles suggests “internal power grab” at the lidar company.

02 Mar 21
II-VI to double manufacturing capacity of optical filters

For applications in PCR Covid-19 test instrumentation and 5G optical access, firm to invest over five-year period.

02 Mar 21
Low-cost methane sensor offers accurate monitoring of greenhouse gas

Princeton platform detects methane concentrations as low as 0.1 parts per million.

Realistic Optical System Tolerancing: A Practical Example 28 Jan


While lens design software can assist with tolerancing, complex and/or critical optical systems require expertise beyond the software’s basic functionality. We represent tolerancing of optical systems as close to reality as possible by utilizing the most advanced tolerancing tools both built into lens design software and of our own creation

Light engine operating lifetime Robustness, Reliability, Longevity in Maintenance-free lighting 11 Nov 2020

Estimates of the operational lifetimes of solid-state light sources ranging from 10,000–50,000 hours of light output are frequently cited in research and commercial publications. However these estimates are often derived from performance data for single light emitting diodes (LEDs) and are not necessarily representative of integrated light engines in typical working environments. This white paper provides operating lifetime estimates for Lumencor’s solid-state light engines based on analysis of service history data.


OAPs have many advantages because they can focus without aberrations; but are notoriously difficult to align. We present a method and mount for accurate alignment to any coordinate system.

Interfacing the Vision Research S990 to the BitFlow Cyton-CXP frame grabber 07 Dec 2020


This document explains how to interface the Vision Research S990, a high speed camera running 4K x 2k at 1000 FPS, to the Cyton-CXP4.

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