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Optical Lens Manufacture

06 May 2019

Optical Lens Manufacturer shares that along with the development of science and technology faster and faster,the heat of LED lights appear not decline,launched on the market is more suitable for street light lamp lens,it is because this kind of things also belong to new things,so many people know it is not much,so,compared to traditional street lamp lens materials,in addition to the high technical content,get  everybody praised the street lamp lens excatly what advantage?

It is well know that no matter what light source is,the light emitted is divergent,and the divergent light is not helpful for the demand of street lamp.Therefore,it is necessary to gather the light emitted by street lamps ang give full play to the lighting function of strret lamps.Street lamp lens made of special materials is a better choice.

Traditional materials into a street lamp only have lightfixed scope of the function,if want to change the scope of the light and Angle,traditional materials can't do that,but the street lamp lens can be very good to complete the requirements,street lamp lens model different influences the irradiation range,can even through the model on the nuances of the adjusted,second,street lamp lens street lamp lens above holes can also realize the change of the Angle of light,it is also compared with the traditional materials of street lamp is a great improvement and breakthrough.

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