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Biolase Announces Growing Awareness of Dental Lasers Among Pediatric Dentists, Demonstrating Shift Toward Pain-Free Dentistry

Date Announced: 28 Mar 2018

US dental laser firm is selling more equipment for pediatric treatments.

IRVINE, Calif., – March 28, 2018 – BIOLASE, Inc. (NASDAQ: BIOL), the global leader in dental lasers, announced today that the demand for pain-free care increases as awareness of the  more patient-friendly benefits of using dental lasers is growing in pediatric dentistry. With BIOLASE all-tissue dental lasers, pediatric dentists can treat even their youngest patients with little to no anesthesia, allowing dentists to intervene earlier in the management of children’s dental conditions, such as tooth decay. Minimally invasive treatment with a dental laser allows for increased patient acceptance of treatment and practice growth. To date, BIOLASE has seen significant year-over-year growth of laser adoption among pediatric dentists.

“Lasers have enabled me to better treat my patients, building a patient base that is happier and more receptive to continued care,” said Dr. Sarah Mathias, an Orange County-based pediatric dentist. “As lasers have evolved over the years, we’ve been able to perform more painless procedures than ever before – more effectively and efficiently. Lasers have enabled me to offer my patients the highest standard of care and grow my practice with a loyal customer base.”

In addition to the benefit of improved patient acceptance and health outcomes, dental lasers also serve pediatric dentists from a practice management standpoint.

“Dental lasers are an unparalleled tool for pediatric dentists to provide best-in-class care to their patients,” said Dr. Samuel Low, chief dental officer of BIOLASE. “With dental lasers, pediatric dentists are ensuring optimal oral health from the beginning of a patient’s life, while creating a healthy relationship with dentistry to last a lifetime.”

Laser dentistry provides new avenues for the management of previously painful procedures, such as frenectomies to address ankyloglossia (or tongue-tie). A recent U.S. study showed an increase in surgical frenectomies for the correction of the condition.

While up to 10 percent of the general public has tongue-tie – including a similar percent of children – the pain, bleeding, lack of effectiveness and long healing time of traditional frenectomies have caused many parents to forgo the procedure. Children who struggle to breastfeed, breathe or speak have been left with few to no options before the advent of dental lasers. Laser frenectomies can be performed without anesthesia on children as young as three weeks old, with a recovery time that can be as short as three days and no stitches to be removed.

Waterlase® All-Tissue Lasers treat both hard and soft tissue conditions. In many cases, pediatric dentists can replace scalpels, shots and drills with lasers for multiple procedures, including tooth decay removal, tongue-tie management, and facilitating tooth movement.

As the market leader for decades, BIOLASE has provided well over half of the all-tissue lasers sold to improve the dental standard of care.

Source: Biolase


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