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Research & Development
UES wins $49M to test laser-protective materials for US Air Force 15 Aug 2018
NASA awards UbiQD contract to develop ‘greenhouse film’ for space 15 Aug 2018
Lasers etch dirt-busting ‘lotus effect’ on aircraft 14 Aug 2018
MIT develops optical textiles for comms and biomedical apps 10 Aug 2018
E-beam patterning enables filterless, full-color OLEDs 08 Aug 2018
Optical fibers sense nature of materials 02 Aug 2018
Millimeter-scale silicon chip creates quantum random numbers for IT security 01 Aug 2018
imec developing ultra-small on-chip microscopy platform 31 Jul 2018
imec beats silicon PV with 27.1% perovskite-silicon tandem cell 26 Jul 2018
UCSD materials processing trick creates 'revolutionary' laser crystal 18 Jul 2018
Quantum dot white LEDs achieve 'record' efficiency 18 Jul 2018
imec team shows path to ultra-compact transceivers 11 Jul 2018
All-optical ultrasound generates video-rate images of tissues 11 Jul 2018
Fiber-optic telecoms cables detect earthquakes 05 Jul 2018
Metamaterial light mixer generates 11 wavelengths simultaneously 03 Jul 2018
‘Stealth sheet’ hides hot objects from infrared detectors 28 Jun 2018
MOICANA aims to integrate InP quantum dot lasers on silicon photonics 27 Jun 2018
LZH simulates undersea conditions to test laser machining 27 Jun 2018
Oxford PV claims new record for perovskite solar cell 26 Jun 2018
US AIM project to develop transparent waveguide across MW- and LWIR range 26 Jun 2018
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