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Research & Development
NRL develops nonmechanical laser steering 20 Nov 2018
Functional optical metalens made from 2D materials 19 Nov 2018
Monteris publishes positive clinical data for brain laser treatment 15 Nov 2018
UK quantum teams to build QKD, atomic clock, and gravity sensor prototypes 13 Nov 2018
LaserNetUS established as new national high intensity laser network 01 Nov 2018
HyperVIEW platform promises cellular-level imaging and treatment 30 Oct 2018
Laser-cut live body simulator chip wins design award 24 Oct 2018
ASML, imec set up new high-NA optics lab for EUV lithography 22 Oct 2018
ELI Beamlines reports 'first' generation of high-order harmonic 18 Oct 2018
Germany splashes further €15m in quantum networks R&D project 17 Oct 2018
Hamamatsu develops bright supercontinuum source 16 Oct 2018
Muses platform delivers first hyperspectral images 10 Oct 2018
Laser threshold magnetometry senses weak magnetic fields 10 Oct 2018
Ultra-thin meta-lens enables fully-focused all-color imaging 04 Oct 2018
Germany’s ‘Excellence Strategy’ to splash €2.7 bn on hi-tech R&D 03 Oct 2018
Gentex and Teledyne win substantial DoD funding for laser safety eyewear 02 Oct 2018
UK-Singapore team to build quantum satellite link 01 Oct 2018
Oxford PV targets 37% efficiency with all-perovskite solar cell 27 Sep 2018
imec combines solar cells to drive efficiencies above 30% 27 Sep 2018
Researchers shrink LiNbO3 modulator by factor of 100 25 Sep 2018
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