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Research & Development
Stacked color sensor exceeds mosaic performance 22 Nov 2017
Solliance claims new records for R2R perovskite solar cells 22 Nov 2017
BAE Systems develops film to protect pilots from laser attack 21 Nov 2017
Greatcell wins €700,000 Horizon 2020 grant for PV 21 Nov 2017
Modified optogenetic process controls single neurons 14 Nov 2017
Lockheed to adapt fiber laser weapon for fighter jet 07 Nov 2017
Optical fiber-illuminated pajamas treat jaundiced newborns 02 Nov 2017
Laser pulse shrinks to 43 attoseconds 31 Oct 2017
Silicon photonics spectrometer senses methane gas 30 Oct 2017
Novel optical receiver design significantly boosts broadband speed 26 Oct 2017
Lasertel wins $1 million contract to make laser diodes for US military 25 Oct 2017
US National Photonics Initiative urges quantum investment 25 Oct 2017
QCL key to Harvard SEAS bridging the ‘terahertz gap’ 23 Oct 2017
Quantum Technologies Flagship prepares for the coming quantum revolution 18 Oct 2017
Sumitomo achieves 10 petabit/s over multicore, multimode fiber 17 Oct 2017
Germany splashes €33m on new Center for High-Efficiency Solar Cells 17 Oct 2017
European pair promise 'single-nanometer accuracy' patterning tool for optics 11 Oct 2017
CorNeat Vision tackles corneal injury and blindness 11 Oct 2017
Harvard SEAS developers produce zero-index Si-photonics waveguide 10 Oct 2017
Laser method could detect hazardous materials rapidly and remotely 05 Oct 2017
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