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Research & Development
Eindhoven team develops hybrid data storage with optical and magnetic drives 17 Jan

Next-generation photonic memory devices are ‘light-written’, ultrafast and energy efficient,

Brillouin light scattering reveals mechanical properties of tumors 16 Jan

CNRS project could help to link tumors' elasticity with the response to anticancer therapy.

Two-color approach speeds-up 3D printing by factor of 100 16 Jan

Resin solidified using two wavelengths to control process; resulting products are more durable, say Michigan developers.

LZH-developed LIBS system on the way to the Pacific Ocean 10 Jan

Europe-wide partnership develops laser-based, autonomous measuring system for mineral exploration at up to 6000m depth.

Open-source microscope targets brain imaging and disease diagnosis 08 Jan
Optical memory cell achieves ‘record’ data storage density 27 Dec 2018
Novel low-energy nanolaser shines in all directions 20 Dec 2018
Luminar collaborating with Audi's autonomous driving subsidiary (AID) 19 Dec 2018
Portable optical system uses AI to better detect parasites 19 Dec 2018
Netherlands to invest €236 m in photonics development 18 Dec 2018
Alta sets flexible solar record with 29.1% GaAs cell 13 Dec 2018
Electron plasmas generate isolated attosecond laser pulses 11 Dec 2018
Modulight teams up with eye health giant on new laser 10 Dec 2018
Color sensors based on microlens are cheaper to make 05 Dec 2018
Research to cut cost of laser welding metal sheets for ships 03 Dec 2018
AquiSense partners with US EPA and Washington University 30 Nov 2018
Concentrator photovoltaics achieves peak performance 28 Nov 2018
Malaysian team looks to roll out infrared glucose sensor 27 Nov 2018
ams and Qualcomm to co-develop 'active stereo camera' for mobile 3D apps 21 Nov 2018
NRL develops nonmechanical laser steering 20 Nov 2018
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