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Research & Development
Algorithm from 'Netflix Challenge' speeds up bio-imaging 20 Mar

ENS Paris-led group accelerates Raman spectroscopy, making it more practical for biomedical applications.

Optogenetics helps reverse alcohol cravings and ease withdrawal 19 Mar

Scripps Research project uses lasers to inactivate specific neurons in rats.

Finger-mounted probe reveals elasticity of tissues 18 Mar

University of Western Australia project could assist in cancer diagnosis and treatment.

New wavemeter promises enhanced sensors and comms networks 15 Mar

University of St Andrews improves existing methods of using speckle to measure wavelength.

ORC's Silicon Photonics group partners with CompoundTek for design 13 Mar
Scientists at TU Vienna develop ‘random anti-laser’ 13 Mar
Photoacoustics powers light-activated micropump 13 Mar
Oxford Instruments, partners launch EU Horizon 2020 project ULISSES 12 Mar
Yale project lets light penetrate opaque media without dispersing 12 Mar
German R&D group launches Digital Innovation Hub Photonics in Jena 28 Feb
Southampton's Zepler shares in £100m UK funding to develop AI 27 Feb
Polariton filter coverts laser beam into quantum light 25 Feb
CNRS-developed AntBot is first robot to travel without GPS 22 Feb
Next-gen 'meta-optics' created rapidly at room temperature 21 Feb
Stable perovskite films promise improved LED efficiency 21 Feb
Reverse wiring of LEDs helps chips feel the chill 20 Feb
Light therapy offers pain relief after cancer treatment 19 Feb
Wavelength control in quantum dot lasers could assist sensing and communication 13 Feb
Near-infrared light kills cancer, builds immune response 13 Feb
TERIPHIC sees path to terabit datacom applications 12 Feb
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